SEO and website design go hand in hand in doing viable online business. For any website, you need good website design and also search engine optimization.  There are varies companies that provide both the SEO and website design services. Sometimes, you can choose to give the same website design company, the SEO tasks. Some other companies provide either SEO services of website design services.  Since the website design is the first part of it, this article tells you how to select a goof website design company.


The website design services including developing a website from scratch or already made templates. In most cases, specialist websites are designed from scratch while more general websites are made from templates. While website made from scratch is more customized and professional, they are more costly. Some companies build professional websites at affordable rates. If you want a more general website, you can cut on costs be customizing a template from the several types available. It is easier and saves you a lot of time when you customize a template.


Among the most important factor to consider when getting website design services is its features. The website may have better features with a higher price tag while a website with inferior features may come at a lower price. The most important thing to know is what makes a good website. These include the website load speed. This is the sped by which the website opens when clients click on it.  Websites' loading slowly is no good or business since the client will switch to another website after few second of waiting. Click here for more info here!


The website upload and download speed is another factor that most people confuse with the website load speed. The website upload speed is the speed in which you can upload a file with. For instance, the time it would take to upload a 1GB data file. The download speed is the rate at which clients can download files from your website. An example is the speed at which the users can download the same 1 GB file that you have uploaded.  Consider this in terms of MBs per second.



It is mostly important that you learn of the different plugins used to build the website. It is not good when you build a website toady and pay for these services and start buying plugins the next day. The website designer should use the best plugins available for each function. Click here for more info